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100 years of


With backgrounds in strategy, project management and much more,

KW Consulting Services Ltd is at the frontline, and leading your business down the path of success.

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Business Strategy Development & Delivery Consultants

Together we get things done

The keys to our success

  • Begin with a clear strategy

  • Robust programme and project delivery framework

  • Strong collaboration with our stakeholders

  • Proven expertise within the teams


We turn your inspiration into successful delivery

Do you feel like you are "Flogging a Dead Horse", stuck in endless debates about what is right for your business? 

We guarantee; 


To create high performing teams, true collaboration, process efficiency, quality and a clear roadmap towards success.


We know that one size does not fit all and will provide a framework and approach that is tailored to your business needs and culture of your organisation and with your organisation, thereby achieving successful delivery.


Success for us means that you know when to continue delivery, and when to change course or rethink your objectives, to get the best outcome.

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Andrew Harris, Operations & Supply Chain Director

Saint-Gobain PAM UK

"We hired KW Consulting Services Ltd to help us become Brexit ready, identify the risks throughout our Supply Chain, and advise us on how to close the gap. We needed to ensure we were prepared, knew the requirements and most importantly we were able to continue trading without any issues.  Working with many of our team members across 3 PAM UK sites, Keely worked tirelessly providing update meetings, advice, workshops and anything else we needed to ensure we were ready for the transition and above all, compliant. With the help of KW Consulting Services, everything we needed to implement was identified and dealt with, we were given the training and therefore the knowledge to ensure our staff and clients were aware of all the requirements, our documentation was up to date, and we had communicated with all of our clients and suppliers in time for the 1st of January 2021. To be able to continue business as usual without major issues is something we, as a company, are immensely proud of.  We are hugely grateful to Keely and KW Consulting Services for making this happen."

March 2021

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